Once upon a time, what set various locks apart was the quality of the construct and the shape the keys. Some locks had more secure locking mechanisms, but that was pretty much that. Today, with the advance of technology, locks that seemed like science fiction just yesterday are a reality. Often these locks provide more security than standard locks. Here are some of the most popular types of high-tech locks

Touchscreen Locks

These door smart locks use a capacitive touchscreen to lock and unlock the door. Residential models can hold up to 25 unique codes and commercial models can hold several hundred codes.

Bluetooth Deadbolts

As smartphones become more and more versatile, they are also becoming a part of our home security systems. For instance, there are a number of locks available today that are completely controlled by the smartphone that you use. These locks are synched to phones using Bluetooth and they allow remote unlocking and locking of the door. Many such solutions also provide you with the ability to check if the door is locked remotely and they also warn you if someone tries to unlock the door while you are away.

Keypad Locks

These locks are a great improvement over standard locks. They employ a keypad which allows the user to type in a number combination in order to unlock and lock their door. Biometric Locks Biometric locks are arguably the most modern and the most sci-fi locks that you can buy these days. They truly seem like something out of movies. These locks read your fingerprint and only allow entry only if the print matches one of those in the database. It is safe to say that these are among the safest locks on the market since fingerprints are extremely difficult to forge.

Passkey Locks (and Variations)

Passkey locks are common in hotels; they employ cards for entry. Slip the card into a slot on the lock and the door opens. The principle is similar with passkey locks for residential and commercial properties.

Proximity Locks

Proximity locks are actually a subtype of smartphone-operated locks. They employ a variety of credentials – cards, wristbands, ID badges, tags – to allow entry. These locks automatically register you as you get close to them with a valid credential and unlock automatically for you. More importantly, these locks can also be controlled remotely, via encrypted website/app and access logs can be viewed in real time.

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