Some Recent 5 Stars Reviews

Adam Proctor

My wife locked the keys to our Camaro in the trunk of our car. Mike came up on Thanksgiving and was here within 30 minutes of us calling. Very reasonable price even for being on a Holiday. Excellent service. I would give more than 5 stars if I could! Thanks again for great service!

Michael Dmbra

immediately answers calls himself. came and fixed my broken lock handle in 5 min. very knowledgeable and great service. will definitely use again.

Raphael Socher

Mike came to my house with only a few hours lead time. He came on time and provided an excellent professional job. I had a tricky situation and he knew the product to solve my problem. Would definitely call again next time I need locksmith services.

Rebecca Resnik

Mike installed a beautiful, sturdy lock in our office. He even fixed the door for us (the door had not been hung properly by the contractors) so that it would give us extra security. His prices are very reasonable and he's highly professional. I cannot recommend him enough!

Marc Mayerson

100 percent trustworthy

Sophia Z

If I could I would give a ten star. What can I say? God bless you Mike.

Mandy Bilo

Friendly, professional, responsive and informative...highly recommend!!!

WB Hawk

Mike was amazingly kind and efficient.

Melissa Fischer

On time, had everything in his truck needed to complete job.

Jacob Schneider

Mike upgraded by locks both at home and at my auto repair shop. He assessed my security risk and offered me several options. I really appreciate his honesty, upfront pricing and free estimates. Mike gives a full guarantee on all hardware purchased from him, which is a big weight-off. I know that if I ever have issue with the locks or the keys that Mike will be back to sort it out, free of charge. I highly recommend Mike's Locksmith to our all Montgomery County neighbors and to our friends in DC. They are simply the best!

Linda P.

This was a 100% pleasant experience. When I called to ask for help with my loose lock, Mike's Locksmith offered a 10:00 pm appointment for that same evening. I was happy to be offered not only a quick resolution to my problem, but also, to not have to take time off work. He called to let me know he had arrived. When I met him at the door with my dog he assured me he was fine with dogs. He greeted my barking dog warmly and then they were fine together!He fixed the lock quickly and professionally. His short stay was friendly and cheerful. I would enthusiastically recommend Mike's Locksmith to everyone I know.

Peter Faguy

Understood what I wanted, suggested the most appropriate solution--utility, hardware, cost--and delivered promptly.


Very honest folks, dedicated to a job well done, and customer satisfaction.

Yotam Yospe

Great service!!Came to the rescue with in an hour from the time i called!!Did a very professional job for us would highly recommend him and will use him again.

Emily Fisher

Mike truly came to my rescue! After a 70+ hour work week, the lock to my store broke on a Sunday evening. I feared the worst, expecting to be stuck hours waiting for a locksmith and expecting a huge bill. I'm so glad I found Mike's Locksmith! He came to the store in under 30 minutes, fixed the lock in about five minutes, and even showed me how I can fix it myself if it ever happens again. When he finished, I asked him if he took credit cards (I would have paid just about anything for the great customer service and speed). To which he replied, "Don't worry about it." I honestly wanted to cry and hug him. He just asked that I call him if I have any "real jobs" for him, lol!I would definitely use his service again and appreciate his kindness more than I can even express.

Ken C

Mike showed up promptly on short notice. He installed two locks and was very efficient. My 19 month old son enjoyed having Mike around. If my son approves, then you know it's a good sign. Thank you again Mike for your excellent and attentive service.

Ofer D

Mike is the best!I was about to leave for work, sitting in my car I realized I forgot my briefcase, I ran inside the house to get it, while I came back I found out that I locked the car running, I found mike's locksmith online, I called his #, and a lady told me it would be about 30 minutes to get to me20 minutes later mike showed up, and opened my car. No scratches or damage, clean and fast work and the price was fairDefently will use him again highly recommended Thank mike!

Karen Gorbett

Mike replaced the deadbolt on my front door a few months ago. He was punctual, efficient, and charged a very reasonable price. (And he liked my dog!) Recently I needed to have extra keys made for that lock so I went to Home Depot (keys didn't work) and, later, Sears (keys didn't work). Of course I didn't know the keys wouldn't work until I got home and tried them. I was very frustrated until it dawned on me to call Mike. Which is what I should have done in the first place. He came to my home and cut the keys right on the premises and tested them to be sure they worked. That's the kind of customer service that simply doesn't exist anymore! You can be confident that you'll receive the same excellent service for a very reasonable price if you call Mike.

Yaakov Elfassi

Mike’s Locksmith is one of the best locksmiths in the area. I have experience with many of them. He is on time, honest and a does a beautiful clean job. You can call him anytime if you want advice you by phone and he will come if you need. He is an expert and has in depth understanding of every lock. I recommend them highly highly if anyone is looking for a great locksmith.

Arthur Green

Top tier service: professional, courteous, Covid 19 respected, explained the working mechanism of an integrated keyless front door security mechanism. Most importantly , fairly market priced and arrived punctually as scheduled

Debra Miller

We had put off putting a new lockset and door knob on our front door, and yesterday found we couldn't get in-using that door. The plate on the inside door jam was shoI called Mike last night at 6 pm-expecting to leave a message. He answered-we made an appointment for this afternoon and he arrived a little early! He replaced the entire knob and lockset-matched it perfectly so we don't have to do even touch up painting. Everything he had was on the truck. It looks so great! We have some other projects we will have him do in the future. I would highly recommend him for all your locksmith needs. Thanks so much!t!

Patrick Merkle

Thank you for responding so quickly and getting the job done so efficiently without damage to the Suburban, Mike.

Jason Haynes

Lock started behaving and he recommended not changing it. No charge. Said if it acted up again he'd fit us in.

Elizabeth Posner

Excellent service. Mike was prompt, reasonable, and so easy to work with. I would highly recommend!

moti kachlon

mike is much more than a locksmith,i am finding him saving my life time after time arriving at 6am in the morning and rapidly opening my trucks that the drivers forgot the keys inside,i will surly recommand him to whomever need any kind of locksmith services

Lawrence Ink

Mike did a great job of putting new locks on my doors.

Katheryn Hoerster

Friendly, fast, fairly priced!! Mike was prompt, too! Highly recommend.

Maggie Simpson

Mike is great - knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive. He quickly scheduled a visit to my home to re-key a lock when I needed it. When I wanted an elaborate locking mechanism replaced on an over-sized door, he figured out that the door needed to be adjusted vs. having the locking mechanism replaced - thus saving me a lot of money. He came again to install a new keypad lock and he did it in a matter of minutes. I will be recommending him to all my clients who want to re-key or change locks when they move into their new homes!

Jonathan Hefter

I moved into my home and wanted to upgrade the locks to something stronger and more secure but didn't know what would be the best option. I called Mike and was impressed with his availability. He owns the company and does all of the work himself and carries locks with him and offers a great/solid product. He was able to install a front door and a back door lock very quickly and I was very pleased with his work.

Kymberly Mills

Mike came and saved me when I was locked out due to a broken door knob. He was here in 15 minutes and was very professional. Thank you, Mike!!!!

Christine D

Mike did a great job, very professional and gave great advice to us!

Ella Zaken

I needed an extra keys and i stopped in. Mike was prompt, professional and friendly. reasonable price. defiantly I will use him again.highly recommended.Thank you Mike

Maria Kight

Mike was very responsive, punctual and honest. Basically, a locksmith isn't going to be cheap so having someone who is honest about what you need goes a long way in my book. He gave me my options and what he recommended, completed the work on the same visit and was clean and friendly. Highly recommend.

Diane K

Appointment was scheduled within a couple of days. Mike installed a new lock and repaired existing hardware for my elderly father. Due to my father's Alzeheimer's he had problems working the new lock. Mike made repeated trips, at no charge, to help him and show him how it works. Mike is very professional and was always available with same day notice. He always offered to come out and help my father. I would highly recommend him.

Carol Davis

I closed the door to the study never thinking that the button might be depressed on the other side of the doorknob, so I locked myself out. If there are keys to these inside doors I don't know where they are, so I called Mike (I had had work done by him before) and he came out the same afternoon and got it unlocked for me. The work was done very quickly because he knew exactly what he was doing.

Max Swagler

We needed to re-key the locks for our new house. Mike immediately responded to my message and set up an appointment that fit our tight schedule.He arrived on time, explained what needed to be done, and completed the work quickly. The quality of the work is excellent, he was able to make some adjustments to help the locks turn easier than before! I'm very happy with the price and service from Mike's Locksmith and would highly recommend them to a friend.

Alon Shvo

I called Mike's locksmith to replace locks at my new home. Mike arrived right on time to our appointment, he was very professional, had exactly what I needed and the service was great!I would definitely recommend to friends and family!

David Cote

My front door was jammed and I was unable to turn the lock to open it. Mike arrived promptly at seven, quickly assessed my situation and gave me several options for replacing my defective locks. He was quick, friendly and efficient. I will call Mike again when I have an issue with locks.


When I realized i needed an additional lock on my new condo i luckily found Mike online. He showed up that very same day to assess what i would need and returned the next day-on time!!!- and installed a perfect lock for my needs. i would certainly recommend Mikes's Locksmith.

Dennis Mawhirter

Mike came to my house the day after I called him even though mine was not an emergency situation. He quickly made an assessment and recommendation, which included adding more secure matching deadbolt locks on two exterior doors and one security gate, and changing out our doorknobs. He worked quickly and professionally and we have been very satisfied with the results. Mike's prices were a little higher than some in the area but not excessive and it is hard to beat the security and assurance that his services provided. Highly recommended.

Sivan Krowitz

Great job.I got my front door lock replaced to an automatic one.Mike did the work fast and efficiently.A few days later there was a problem. Mike came back and took care of it with.Great service.Highly recommended.

Judy O

I'm very happy with the quality of the door handles and locks that Mike provided. He was prompt, explained what he was doing and accommodated my request to duplicate locks on my exterior doors.

David Faerberg

Timely response to e-mail request. An appointment was scheduled in a very reasonable time. Problem with the front door handle set was explained and repaired. Price was very reasonable. Mike is a very friendly and nice gentleman.


When we moved into a new home, I called Mike's to have three locks replaced. He was responsive, and I was able to book an appointment for the date/time I required. I bought my own front door lock and had him provide the others, and he installed all of them without any issues. Everything's working great.

Thomas Clapp

My lock suddenly stopped working and I needed help fast. I called Mike late at night and he was there the next morning at 7:00am and had everything working within an hour. Really great service.

Grainne Tobin

I had locked my key in the car with the engine running on one of the snowiest days of the year. Mike came in no time and quickly and efficiently released the lock. Excellent, professional and courteous service.

Tina Seideman

Mike was incredibly helpful and professional. I had an urgent mailbox replacement he did same-day on a tight schedule. He communicated with me about being a bit late to the appointment time, and he was professional while fixing the lock. I 100% recommend!

hadas barak

Mike was very knowledgeable when I came in asking if he could re key my door.He is professional, kind, and very experienced, I was impressed with Mike. I highly recommend this business and will positively return.He communicates clearly and I wish I could give more than 5 stars! He explained the problem and resolution and then fixed it quickly and within my budget. Many many thanks Mike!

Elaine Braun

Mike was professional, prompt, efficient and friendly. He even took the time to be nice to my 3 year old granddaughter! I will definitely hire Mike’s Locksmith again, and have already recommended him to my sister.

Scot Brown

Mike is great. I have used him for years. Nice, easy to work with and always on time. He is my number 1 choice for my home and rental units locksmith needs.

Rebecca Murphy

Wow. This is BY FAR the most professional locksmith I have ever engaged with. Mike was meticulously thorough in making sure my (rather complicated) needs were sufficiently met.His pricing is straight-forward, reasonable, and transparent.He was always on time, and the installation was fast and painless.I would recommend him to friends and family without hesitation; bonus points for loving (and being loved by) my dog.

Jonathan Alvear

Mike’s the best. Always on time and great service as we’ve come to expect. Fixed our entry door problem in less than 10 minutes. We won’t use another locksmith as long as Mike is around.

Vishal S.

It is a rare occurrence that I will give the much coveted 5 star rating after one interaction with a business. But Mike does deserve this exception. We were moving in to our new digs and I wanted the locks to be rekeyed. So I called Mike and scheduled him to come over the day we closed on the house. Mike was at the new house 1/2 hour before the specified time! He walked me thru on the work that needed to be done and even have me the cheaper option. He had to order some parts and would come back in a couple of days, after my work. Again, he was there before time and did the work quickly and efficiently! His rates were also much lower than any other locksmith that I called. Very happy with his work and will definitely recommend him for everyone!

Kristin M.

Woke up Mike at the ungodly hour of 5:30 a.m. with a phone call from out of town when I found out our car had been stolen - possibly with a set of keys - and he rushed over to our house pronto to change our locks, assuring me that it was no inconvenience. Since I was out of town, I was worried about whether he would do since I wouldn't be there to pay in person, and he told me not to worry about it, that he would just leave an invoice on the table for us. How awesome is that!? It should be noted that Mike asked me to write a review for him, but that doesn't bother me because he completely earned these 5 stars, and I for sure appreciate anyone striving to give good service, no matter the motivation. He'll definitely be my locksmith of choice in the future.

Marc M.

Here's why to use Mike's Locksmith: we had a broken door handle set on a bedroom door. When Mike came out, he told me that because the lockset was made by Baldwin, I could get all the parts for the lock/handle mechanism replaced for free. I contacted the mfr and a week later they sent a full replacement mechanism for free. The point is that I suspect anyone else would not have advised me to get the free parts but would have been happy to replace the entire lockset for a charge. Note this was a 14 year old lockset, and I would have been prepared to pay for the new parts the locksmith (other than Mike) would have charged me. Instead, because of Mike's advice, I got all the parts for free and incurred a very modest labor charge from Mike to do the work. Whether you are a business with strong high security needs or an ordinary homeowner, like me, Mike will be

Jenny K.

Great Guy! I was locked out of my house in middle of the night. The first locksmith that came more than quadrupled the price when they got on site (beware of $15 plus $35 phone's a scam). Mike quoted his flat fee and honored it (and it was less than half of what the other guy tried to get me to pay). It was after 3 a.m. by the time I called him and he genuinely seemed more concerned about getting me into my home than anything else. Mike is up-front, honest and seems like a truly nice guy. I hope I never have to see him again ? but if I need a locksmith, he will be the only one I call.

Anna B.

I highly recommend Mike's locksmith. My latch on my doorknob was broken and I had ordered a replacement part before calling. He came over and showed mr how to fix with no new partss,although at my request he replaced and fixed. He taught me how to stop my dog from jumping up and how to adjust my latch in the future myself! I found Mikes locksmith on yelp and am very glad I did. Btw, very reasonable priced more than half less than other I called!

April M

The reviews are no lie. I found mike through yelp and didn't think someone could really have five stars like him, he is the real deal. Came early knowing I had a engagement to get too right after he came to fix my lock. Took quicker than he quoted and was straight forward and to the point while being friendly and genuine. I will be using his services again no doubt. Trust his work!

Lee F.

Went with Mike's because of their perfect Yelp score. Set up appointment for 8pm of same day. Few hours later he called back and said he could come a few hours earlier if that was convenient for me, or would see me at 8. When has a service company ever offered to be early??? Whole house (4 door) rekey took ~ 45 minutes. Totally professional all the way. I wish every service company I dealt with was this good.

Arun P.

Mike is a class act. He answers my call every time and came over sooner then he originally said, very punctual guy. I used him twice on 2 separate occasions, both times I had him put in some deadbolts (5 new installs and 1 replacement) and re-keying all the locks to match the same key. Did a great job putting them in and did so very fast. He is a man of his word and the price he quoted over the phone was the final price, no funny business. Also doesn't mind dogs, no matter how obnoxious mine was being (barking). But he took the time to meet my dog so he stopped barking lol

Stefanie K

Mike did a great job replacing all the locks and knobs in my apartment. We agreed on a price upfront, then he went above and beyond and upgraded to a better-fitting lock when he found that the basic one didn't work perfectly. He ended up working many more hours but didn't leave until everything was as good as it good could be, and didn't charge for the extra labor. I definitely recommend him!!

Elliot S.

My house key was lost or stolen so, as a precaution, I decided to have my door locks re-keyed. I chose Mike's Locksmith based on the reviews on Yelp, and I was not disappointed. Mike was available to come in the evening and showed up promptly at the appointed time. He was courteous and extremely efficient. Although he had to re-key 3 locks and make several copies of the key, he completed the job in about a half hour. He then inserted each key into each lock to show me that they worked. I was greatly impressed with Mike's skill and professionalism, as I've had other locksmiths just hand me the key copies without trying them, resulting in one or more of the key copies not working. In addition to performing the work at hand, Mike gave me some ideas about how I could improve my home security. I highly recommend Mike for whatever your locksmith needs may be.

Mrs R.

I feel terrible not having written and posted this review sooner; we had a sudden need to replace a lock on a new house we purchased. The lock was for two storm doors that opened up the back of our home into our porch and because the lock was broken it left us completely exposed. Trips to the hardware store and phone calls to the door manufacturer was fruitless, and everyone said we would need to replace the entire set of doors since they didn't make them anymore (house built in '81). I found Mike online and the reviews were just so kind I had to give him a try. We reside in Howard County; I believe Mike said he is in Montgomery County, but regardless he came to our home the very next morning (during rush hour) and changed the lock successfully within moments. What a relief! He was so modest and friendly, and charged us virtually the cost of the lock. He is everything a businessman should be: honest, an expert, and efficient. We are so glad to have found him and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a locksmith! Thank you Mike!

Linda M.

The reviews I read seemed too good to be true. I am happy to report that my experience echoed what others have h ad to say. Mike came on time, solved all the lock problems in my 80-year-old house. He rekeyed and replaced a number of locks as needed and did not try to talk me into replacing other locks that did not require replacement. He also spent considerable time fooling around with my front door lock that someone else had installed incorrectly (he seemed to enjoy the challenge of figuring out what was wrong and how to fix the problem) and showed me how to change an ancient inside doorknob. Very pleasant man providing a high quality professional service. Recommend without reservation.

Susan B.

I had Mike's Locksmith come over last week to install a keyless entry on my front door -- something I had been wanting to do for a very long time and had done some research on, but was having a difficult time understanding exactly how it would work with my present lock/handle. After making some inquires and getting very vague and unsatisfactory answers over the phone ("Can't really give you a ballpark estimate, would have to see your door first to know what kind of electrical will be needed." Huh? Electrical? Excuse me, but I'm looking for battery operated...), I finally call Mike's Locksmith and he was able to tell me how much the lock was, how much his labor was, etc.. Combining that with all the other wonderful reviews he had here on Yelp, choosing Mike was a no-brainer. Mike was prompt, efficient and extremely knowledgeable, not to mention a very personable fellow. He also went the extra mile and fixed my front door so that I don't have to do the "pushmi-pullyu" on it like I've had to do for years to get it to shut properly -- it shuts like a real door now (thanks again, Mike!). After he arrived, I decided that I wanted my others doors to also have locks that would open with the same key as the front and Mike helped me with that, too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mike's Locksmith! I know that his number will be the one that I call if I need to have something done to my locks in the future.

Stacy Wood

It's the worse feeling to have when you suddenly slam the door shut to your house, and realize you've locked yourself out. To make matters worse, it's raining, cold, and your car keys are inside as well. This is what happened to be, AGAIN, twice now in the last five years. After walking a quarter mile to catch the bus to work, I decided to logo-on to my Angie's List account and search for a reputable Locksmith near my home. Mike's had the highest score of all locksmiths within a 5 mile radius so I figured I'd give him a try. His response to my online request for an appointment at the end of the work day was instant. On my way home from work I got a call from Mike saying he'd be at my house in around 15 minutes, which was great. That didn't leave me standing in the rain again, once I arrived at my house. When he pulled up and surveyed the front entry door, he asked if I had used the deadbolt or just the handset lock. I told him only the handset lock was used, so he explained the two procedures he would try, and the cost of his service. On the first attempt the door popped open without a hitch. I was amazed at how fast he could enter the door. Mike even suggested improvements to the locks used to prevent a future lockout. He will be recommended by me for excellent service to anyone who ask.

Amanda Bernhardt

Mike did a great job. He arrived on time (early, actually!), worked quickly, and even made some suggestions to save me some money. His price was already lower than another locksmith I had gotten a quote from. Would definitely use Mike's Locksmith again.


It's the worse feeling to have when you suddenly slam the door shut to your house, and realize you've locked yourself out. To make matters worse, it's raining, cold, and your car keys are inside as well. This is what happened to be, AGAIN, twice now in the last five years. After walking a quarter mile to catch the bus to work, I decided to logo-on to my Angie's List account and search for a reputable Locksmith near my home. Mike's had the highest score of all locksmiths within a 5 mile radius so I figured I'd give him a try. His response to my online request for an appointment at the end of the work day was instant. On my way home from work I got a call from Mike saying he'd be at my house in around 15 minutes, which was great. That didn't leave me standing in the rain again, once I arrived at my house. When he pulled up and surveyed the front entry door, he asked if I had used the deadbolt or just the handset lock. I told him only the handset lock was used, so he explained the two procedures he would try, and the cost of his service. On the first attempt the door popped open without a hitch. I was amazed at how fast he could enter the door. Mike even suggested improvements to the locks used to prevent a future lockout. He will be recommended by me for excellent service to anyone who ask.

Shellie Marker

Mike is the best locksmith I've worked with. He replaced the locks in my home and has made keys for me. It was easy to schedule appointment and he was right on time. He did the job for a fair price. When I needed an extra key made, he met on a weekend. He is very accommodating. He's also just an all-around nice guy...


Mike RULES!! I locked myself out of my house because I am an idiot. I walked half a block to the police station and asked them if they would be so kind as to call a locksmith. They were. The first name on the list was a bunch of guys who run an internet scam called locksmithpayless. The police told me to call them so I called them. The guy came out (within 20 minutes) and took one look and told me that there was no way this could have happened unless the deadbolt had been thrown from the inside, and therefore he would have to drill the lock, and the house must therefore be haunted since there was no one inside to actually turn the deadbolt. The house may be haunted, in fact I feel a chill right now. The dog may be a mechanical genius capable of throwing a lock, or-- THAT GUY WAS LYING!!!! So, know this: the guys from locksmithpayless lie about what you need to fix your lock. They may charge you less to do things that you don't need done in the first place, but they don't tell you the truth. So I called Mike. Mike Is local. When I asked him if he had on office in Rockville he said yes, rattled off the address, and them told me the ONLY other two locksmiths that are actually in town, as opposed to on the internet, and told me their phone numbers. HE examined the problem. He checked the other locks in the house. He asked me if I had a stepladder!! I almost cried when he asked if I had a stepladder. HE decide we could Jimmy the lock, which we did. It wasn't pretty. Some minor trim damage. Nothing permanent. The house will forgive me. If you want someone IN ROCKVILLE who will actually listen to your problem and (if it involves locks) FIX it. CALL MIKE!!

Sara Black

We were having trouble with our front door lock and the handle came off. Mike was very responsive and we were able to make a same day appt in the early evening. Mike arrived on time and was able to repair the door handle without charge. Mike advised us to call the door company directly related to the problems with our lock. However, replacing the door handle seems to have addressed the issue. | |Mike was knowledgeable, helpful and did not charge us for the work he did.

Ellen Berhane

Malki called me back right away to schedule the appointment to get into our home in Laurel, MD which was being prepared to list as a rental. When I arrived at our home Malki was already there. After he tried the key for the lock in a door knob that had been very recently installed he went back to his truck to obtain a tool. He then explained to me that there was nothing wrong with the key or the lock and that he believed it to be just stuck. Sure enough, after he applied a bit of pressure to the door ...Voila! it opened right up. It turned out that the contractor who had done the painting closed the door after painting it w/o allowing time for it to dry. The wet paint then bonded to the weather stripping which prevented the door from being opened. I was so relieved! Malki didn't charge me anything additional because he said that he didn't do anything. And while that may be true. I just know that some contractors probably would have tried to create a category just to be able to charge something other than the diagnostic fee on Angie's list. I really appreciate Malki's (Mike's) honesty and integrity. Thanks!

Donna R. Williams

I purchased the $29 locksmith call. I contact the locksmith for same day service. Initially, I was informed that the locksmith would be by between 4:30-5PM. However, to my surprise I received a follow-up call with a revised arrival time of same day between 12:15 to 12:30pm.... The locksmith worked with two locks to repair my lock back to working order....... The gentleman was even gracious and friendly enough to bring a large box, delivered by UPS into my home for me.

Justin White

I recently bought a large house that was built in 1918. The old owners had different key sets for the different doors (i.e - the key to the front door didn't open the door to the basement). We wanted to consolidate everything so that we could open all of our doors with the same key. Mike replaced 9 locks (with mul-t-lock cylinders), and added a keyless entry system. Member Comments: Mike was always on-time and he maintained a positive attitude throughout the process. This particular job was difficult, because the doors in our house were old. He had to come to our house a few times to complete the job, but he never asked for additional payment.