My daily routine as a mobile locksmith I encounter many customers. Some people call us for emergency service since they either locked themselves out or lost their keys, while others call because they just moved into a new home and want to replace their locks. Later in this article, I’ll share with you the information you should know before replacing your locks. I am not at all surprised to see “standard” locks on almost every home. These (builder-grade) locks are made of the cheapest material; some are even made of plastic! These locks are usually purchased by builders at the large hardware vendors for as little as $5 each. After all, they are more concerned with the cost than your concerned with your safety. As an emergency locksmith, this is great, I don’t have any difficulty opening a customer’s door. What about a burglar? Does he have it easy as well? The answer is a capital Yes! Meet the high-security lock! Mike’s Locksmith is a Certified Dealer of Mul-T-Lock, which carries a solid reputation for over four decades now and provides the best security available for any home or a business owner. So what’s so special about these locks? The build quality is exceptional; they are made of solid brass rather than hollow tin like your standard common lock. The deadbolt, which is one of the most popular products we sell has a bolt which retracts a complete inch within your door frame. In addition, this bolt has ball bearings on both sides of it, which interlock with the frame, making it difficult to pry open even with a crowbar. There are steel inserts placed strategically to prevent from drilling the lock. The entire mechanism is shielded with a metal cover to prevent “ice picking”; this is when one would insert an object between the lock and the door to manipulate the mechanism. This lock is virtually impossible to pick, and even if possible, great skill and very special tools would be required. One of the most important features these high-security locks provide is that they are resistant to the infamous bump key. While most common locks can be picked and bump keyed quite easily, these locks will defy such attempts. The cylinders have telescopic pins rather than regular pins; this means each pin is actually two pins, one within another.
Another special feature is the high-security keys for these high-security locks. The keys can only be duplicated by the owner of the lock. When you purchase a high-security lock you will receive a special card which looks much like a credit card. Copies of your key can only be made by you while presenting this card along with a photo ID to an authorized dealer. What this means is key control. You can feel safe giving the babysitter, the dog-walker or the maid a key and knowing that once they return your key, no unauthorized copies have been made. You can sleep well knowing that there are no copies of your keys floating around. This is also great for business owners who want to make sure only they have the keys to their store or office. Last but not least, these locks do come with a lifetime mechanical warranty which just shows how sure the manufacturer is of the reliability of their products. As far as pricing, these locks are without a doubt much more expensive than your common lock, but then again most common locks don’t really offer much security either. If someone is really determined to break into your property they will succeed, but keep in mind that most break-ins are not by professionals and are usually random. Statistics say that most common burglars will move on if they can’t break in within less than 2 minutes. For those of you who are saying “well, I have an alarm system”, keep in mind that having an alarm system is only good if want to make an insurance claim for your stolen goods; An alarm system won’t help protect you and your loved ones, good security begins with a good lock.

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