Lockouts are like the worst nightmare one can experience. Mostly it happens when you lose or misplace your keys and standing out of your own home is quite frustrating. You need to handle such a lockout situation smartly to take the right action and get inside the home as soon as possible. In case, you forget to carry your home keys while leaving for office and falls victim to a residential lockout, you should first check the spare keys. If you have them, you can easily get inside your place, else it’s time to call anemergency locksmith. Following are some crucial steps you should take when stuck in lockout situation- Keep calm: The foremost thing to do while dealing with a lockout is to remain calm and avoid panic. Instead of shouting out for help, it’s better to search for any unbolted doors or windows. By roaming or shouting around, you may alert the intruders about your situation that can put your safety at stake. Check your pockets: Carefully look inside your bag, vehicle, and pockets for the misplaced keys. If you think that you have forgotten your keys in office, simply call your colleagues for a quick crosscheck. If it’s there, then ask them to place the door keys carefully inside your drawer to avoid losing them. Access duplicate keys: Almost all locks are accompanied with a pair of duplicate keys. If you are currently having a spare key, use it to unlock the door lock. Its advisable to give spare keys to trusted neighbors and friends to handle such situations. Call a professional residential locksmith: If you fail to find a spare key, then the ultimate solution for your problem is a locksmith. Search online or ask your friend, neighbor for a trusted locksmith who can help you get inside your property

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