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Tips for Preventing Home Break-ins

Tips for Preventing Home Break-ins While On Vacation

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We’ll soon be at the height of summer vacations, prime time for home break-ins. I have decided to revisit this topic as a reminder that taking small measures can prevent break-ins. After all, who wants to come back to a burglarized home? Here are some preventative tips, courtesy of Houzz and me.

Keep Your Social Media Posts Private While Your Home is Empty

Curious if people can see your check-ins? Go to Please Rob Me
Digitize It, View, Then Click to Shred
If you go on a long trip or travel frequently, one alternative to putting a stop to your mail is to have it digitized and made available to you online. Earth Class Mail can help. Turn a Smart Phone Into a Security Camera
Here’s how you do it.

Control Your Door

We recommend Mul-T-Lock Entr, a more secure product than that mentioned in the Houzz article.

Consider installing a video doorbell, such as Ring or a Digital Door Viewer, such as Yale Look these products offer enhanced physical awareness and allow you to see, and speak to, visitors at your door from anywhere.

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