I had Mike’s Locksmith come over last week to install a keyless entry on my front door — something I had been wanting to do for a very long time and had done some research on, but was having a difficult time understanding exactly how it would work with my present lock/handle. After making some inquires and getting very vague and unsatisfactory answers over the phone (“Can’t really give you a ballpark estimate, would have to see your door first to know what kind of electrical will be needed.” Huh? Electrical? Excuse me, but I’m looking for battery operated…), I finally call Mike’s Locksmith and he was able to tell me how much the lock was, how much his labor was, etc.. Combining that with all the other wonderful reviews he had here on Yelp, choosing Mike was a no-brainer. Mike was prompt, efficient and extremely knowledgeable, not to mention a very personable fellow. He also went the extra mile and fixed my front door so that I don’t have to do the “pushmi-pullyu” on it like I’ve had to do for years to get it to shut properly — it shuts like a real door now (thanks again, Mike!). After he arrived, I decided that I wanted my others doors to also have locks that would open with the same key as the front and Mike helped me with that, too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mike’s Locksmith! I know that his number will be the one that I call if I need to have something done to my locks in the future.