Malki called me back right away to schedule the appointment to get into our home in Laurel, MD which was being prepared to list as a rental. When I arrived at our home Malki was already there. After he tried the key for the lock in a door knob that had been very recently installed he went back to his truck to obtain a tool. He then explained to me that there was nothing wrong with the key or the lock and that he believed it to be just stuck. Sure enough, after he applied a bit of pressure to the door …Voila! it opened right up. It turned out that the contractor who had done the painting closed the door after painting it w/o allowing time for it to dry. The wet paint then bonded to the weather stripping which prevented the door from being opened. I was so relieved! Malki didn’t charge me anything additional because he said that he didn’t do anything. And while that may be true. I just know that some contractors probably would have tried to create a category just to be able to charge something other than the diagnostic fee on Angie’s list. I really appreciate Malki’s (Mike’s) honesty and integrity. Thanks!