Mike RULES!! I locked myself out of my house because I am an idiot. I walked half a block to the police station and asked them if they would be so kind as to call a locksmith. They were. The first name on the list was a bunch of guys who run an internet scam called locksmithpayless. The police told me to call them so I called them. The guy came out (within 20 minutes) and took one look and told me that there was no way this could have happened unless the deadbolt had been thrown from the inside, and therefore he would have to drill the lock, and the house must therefore be haunted since there was no one inside to actually turn the deadbolt. The house may be haunted, in fact I feel a chill right now. The dog may be a mechanical genius capable of throwing a lock, or– THAT GUY WAS LYING!!!! So, know this: the guys from locksmithpayless lie about what you need to fix your lock. They may charge you less to do things that you don’t need done in the first place, but they don’t tell you the truth. So I called Mike. Mike Is local. When I asked him if he had on office in Rockville he said yes, rattled off the address, and them told me the ONLY other two locksmiths that are actually in town, as opposed to on the internet, and told me their phone numbers. HE examined the problem. He checked the other locks in the house. He asked me if I had a stepladder!! I almost cried when he asked if I had a stepladder. HE decide we could Jimmy the lock, which we did. It wasn’t pretty. Some minor trim damage. Nothing permanent. The house will forgive me. If you want someone IN ROCKVILLE who will actually listen to your problem and (if it involves locks) FIX it. CALL MIKE!!