When it comes to securing buildings, businesses, and even homes, limiting access to certain areas is a key component of any security plan. Whether it’s a restricted area in an office building, a storage room in a warehouse, or a private room in a home, controlling who has access is essential to maintaining safety and privacy. That’s where the Schlage Primus comes in.

The Schlage Primus is a high-security lock system designed to provide exceptional key control and prevent unauthorized duplication. With its patented keyway design and unique pinning system, the Primus provides a level of security that cannot be matched by traditional locks. Here’s how it works.

The Primus uses a sidebar mechanism that is operated by a special key. This key has both the standard cuts found on regular keys as well as a set of additional cuts that interact with the sidebar. The sidebar is a small metal component located on the side of the lock cylinder that must be lifted into the correct position in order for the lock to turn. This sidebar mechanism provides a level of security that is not found in traditional pin-tumbler locks, as it prevents lock picking and manipulation.

In addition to the sidebar mechanism, the Primus also features a patented keyway design that is protected by patent law. This means that the key blanks and key cutting equipment required to duplicate Primus keys are only available to authorized locksmiths who have been trained and certified by Schlage. This key control system ensures that keys cannot be duplicated without proper authorization, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access to restricted areas.

Another feature that makes the Primus an excellent choice for limiting access to certain rooms is its ability to be master-keyed. This means that a single key can be used to access multiple locks, while each individual lock can also have its own unique key. This provides a flexible and customizable solution for businesses and organizations with complex security needs.

Overall, the Schlage Primus is an excellent solution for limiting access to certain rooms. Its unique keyway design, sidebar mechanism, and key control system provide exceptional security and key control, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access to restricted areas. Whether you’re securing a business, a government facility, or your own home, the Primus is an excellent choice for high-security lock systems.

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