Secure your luggage! If you’ve ever returned from a long overseas trip, only to discover that your luggage has been tampered with and items are missing, you know how angry and violated you feel. You also probably feel frustrated that you have little recourse to recover your stolen property. Luggage key, travel padlock or zippers combination locks are an integral part of a typical suitcase, heavy- duty metal-case luggage or travel bags; they provide the owner the most basic form of securing personal belongings during a trip, but they are not a deterrent for seasoned thieves and their functional and security performances have not been keeping up with changes of modern society having increasing mobile worldwide travelers. The eGeeTouch smart luggage lock-keeps a suitcase secured with NFC and a smartphone: no digit-wheel, no key, no code required. It uses NFC to know when you’re nearby. The company says NFC is a superior solution to Bluetooth since it’s proximity-based, faster at connecting, and uses a “negligible” amount of power compared to what you’d get from a Bluetooth-based smart lock. The world’s first patented eGeeTouch® intelligent luggage lock is embedded with state-of-art intelligent proximity access security and smart identification technologies, effectively resolves the disadvantages associated with conventional locks. The unique smart luggage locks and padlocks offer multiple access choices for users accommodating their preferences such as to use their own NFC-enabled Android smartphone, Sport-bands or accompanied smart tagged/fobs/cards to access their smart-lock. It requires; no key to misplace, no tiny digit-wheel to dial, and no combination code to memorize, thus no fuss for luggage owner to safeguard their traveling belongings. These radically enhanced functional and security features are critical differentiating factors that provide a truly hassle-free travel experience unmatched by any conventional lock. Users can simply and safely use their Android smartphone, sport-band or tag/fob to unlock a high-security smart-lock. With eGeeTouch®, securing and unlocking luggage is a breeze providing incredibly one-touch convenience and peace of mind to frequent business travelers, family, and senior citizens’ holidaymakers.
It’s also TSA compliant, so airport guards can open things up with their standard master key instead of breaking your bag open by force. We’re also told the eGeeTouch can endure the elements thanks to a water resistance rating of IP44. The battery can last up to three years on a charge with normal travel usage. Click here to watch an informational video

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