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Remove Self-Locking Doorknobs to Prevent Lockouts

Remove Self-Locking Doorknobs to Prevent Lockouts

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What I mean by a “Self-Locking” Doorknob is any doorknob or latch that automatically locks when a door is shut. Getting locked out in this manner is so frustrating and can be avoided.

“Self-Locking” Doorknobs or keyed entry doorknobs are the biggest source of our emergency lock-out service.

The solution: Configure the door hardware so a lock-out is impossible. Recommendation: Replace all locking exterior doorknobs with passage doorknobs or levers (non-locking doorknobs or levers), using the deadbolt as the locking mechanism. (By the way, this is a far better way to secure your door). You might want to also consider purchasing a key-free entry lock, for better key control and to further reduce the chances of a lock-out.

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