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Lack of key control, lock manipulation, and employee theft all play a major role in the ever-rising amount of shrinkage. Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of high-security solutions for loss prevention. Products designed to secure showcases, doors, drawers and more offer pick, drill and bump resistance with patent- protected keys for superior key control. Choose Mul- T-Lock to secure showcases containing valuable items, stock rooms, sensitive employee and customer information and more.


Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctors offices, clinics and more include many sensitive security areas. Patients, medical records and other confidential documents, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies are just a few of the many assets that cannot afford to be without high-security protection. Mul-T-lock offers solutions to secure, exterior and interior doors, cabinets, drawers, sliding doors and more. Mul-T-Lock lets you instantly upgrade these areas to vicinities that are protected from lock manipulation techniques, unauthorized key duplication and have the capacity for highly customized keyholder access rights through convenient and innovative concepts and technologies.


Unfortunately, as recent news and statistics show, a disturbing amount of tragic events and criminal activities continue to escalate among educational campuses. Mul-T-Lock high security can increase school and university protection, eliminate existing security vulnerabilities and provide convenient and cost-effective solutions for saving time, resources and money. Exterior doors, classrooms, storage closets, record rooms, offices, cafeterias, file cabinets, drawers, gates and more can all be secured with Mul-T-Lock products. What’s more, Mul-T-Lock’s many technologies, which in addition to superior mechanical locking also include wireless, electromechanical cylinders (with scheduling, audit trail and instant key authorization and deactivation capabilities) and key-less entry compatibility. Does Your School/Campus Security Pass the Test?? Is your current key system patent protected? Does your current system contain pick, drill and bump resistant locks? How many different keys are required to suit your organization’s needs? How many keys are distributed within your organization and how are they accounted for? Who is authorized to duplicate keys and what proof of identification is required of them? What is your procedure for responding to a lost key event? What is your procedure for retrieving a key when someone within the organization leaves? Can you restrict access to areas, learn who has entered and when, or schedule access times for different users?

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