High employee turnover is a challenge that many businesses face, resulting in increased recruitment and training costs, decreased productivity, and disrupted workflows. Keyless deadbolts can offer numerous benefits to businesses operating in high turnover environments. In this blog post, we will explore why keyless deadbolts can be a valuable solution for businesses dealing with high turnover rates, highlighting the positive impact they can have on security, efficiency, and cost savings.

⦁ Enhanced Security and Access Control

One of the primary advantages of keyless deadbolts is the heightened security they provide. In high turnover businesses, there is a constant flow of employees and visitors coming and going, which increases the risk of unauthorized access. Keyless deadbolts offer a robust security solution by eliminating the need for physical keys that can be lost, copied, or stolen. Instead, access is granted through secure methods such as PIN codes, biometric authentication, or mobile apps. This significantly reduces the chances of unauthorized entry, safeguarding sensitive areas, data, and assets.

Additionally, keyless deadbolts enable businesses to manage access control more efficiently. With traditional locks, rekeying or changing locks is time-consuming and expensive, especially in high turnover environments. Keyless deadbolts allow administrators to easily grant or revoke access permissions electronically, eliminating the need for physical key management. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing personnel and streamline access management processes.

⦁ Time and Cost Savings

High employee turnover requires frequent onboarding and offboarding processes. Traditional lock systems often necessitate rekeying or replacing locks when an employee leaves to ensure security. This can be costly and time-consuming, especially if multiple locks are involved.

In contrast, keyless deadbolts eliminate the need for physical key replacements. When an employee leaves, access permissions can be immediately revoked, preventing any potential security breaches. This saves time, reduces expenses, and ensures a smooth transition for new hires.

Moreover, keyless deadbolts simplify the process of granting temporary access to contractors, vendors, or visitors. Instead of creating and distributing physical keys, temporary access can be easily granted through temporary codes or limited-time permissions. This eliminates the need for managing and retrieving physical keys, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.

⦁ Convenience and Flexibility

Keyless deadbolts offer convenience and flexibility for both employees and businesses. Employees no longer need to carry around multiple keys or worry about misplacing them. Access can be granted through personal identification methods such as PIN codes or biometric authentication, providing a seamless entry experience.

For businesses dealing with high turnover rates, keyless deadbolts offer the flexibility to quickly adapt access permissions. New employees can be granted access immediately upon joining, while departing employees can have their access revoked instantly. This eliminates delays and ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the premises, enhancing security and operational efficiency.


While keyless deadbolts may initially raise concerns about high employee turnover, they can actually provide significant benefits to businesses operating in such environments. The enhanced security, streamlined access control, time and cost savings, and convenience they offer make them a valuable solution for businesses seeking to manage turnover effectively. By implementing keyless deadbolts, businesses can create a secure and efficient work environment while reducing the administrative burden associated with managing physical keys.

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