Although it might be tempting to simply take your car back to the dealership when in need of additional car keys, the truth of the matter is that it’s much cheaper to obtain a set of replacement car keys from a professional automotive locksmith. What You Need to Know About Automotive Locksmith Services At Mike’s Locksmith, we provide prompt, quality service on-site. Sure, car dealerships are able to provide additional keys, but with far more hassle and at far greater expense. Most car dealerships charge higher fees for replacement service than auto locksmiths because many customers think that dealerships are the only show in town and do not realize that locksmiths, who provide automotive services, have the proper car key programming equipment to produce replacement car keys on-site. The key (no pun intended) thing to remember when considering a locksmith to replace a set of current-day car keys is to find a local locksmith who has a reputation for delivering terrific service for customers that own new vehicles. At Mike’s Locksmith, we have the necessary equipment and training to make car keys for vehicles old and new.

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