Picture a scenario where you’ve ventured out of town and overlooked leaving a key for your dog sitter. Alternatively, you may have hastily left your home and are uncertain about whether you secured the door. What options are available, or rather, what actions should you take?
In the case of a conventional lock, you might have to seek assistance from a neighbor or return home yourself. However, with smart locks, you have the ability to lock and unlock your door from any location around the globe. All it requires is the appropriate application and an internet connection.
Now, let’s delve into the safety aspect of smart locks. How safe are smart locks? They are, in fact, very secure. You can integrate your smart lock with your home security system, enabling you to monitor who is at your door or automatically lock it whenever your cameras detect motion.
Smart locks also grant you enhanced control over access to your home. Instead of distributing spare keys, smart locks allow you to generate different access codes for various individuals, enabling you to track entries and exits of neighbors, dog walkers, babysitters, and more, with the flexibility to revoke access at any time.
Concerning the question of whether smart locks can be hacked, while technically possible through Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, or outdated companion apps or software, well-built smart locks pose little risk in the real world. Most burglars lack the sophistication required to execute such a sophisticated break-in, with the average thief more likely to resort to simpler methods like using a crowbar to pop open a door. In such cases, your smart lock would promptly alert you to the unexpected door opening.
To further mitigate the risk of hacking, follow simple steps such as choosing a smart lock from a reputable manufacturer with advanced security features, creating a long and unique password, and regularly updating software.
Considering the pros and cons of smart locks, they offer advantages like convenience, control over access, and real-time notifications. However, practicality, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic preferences may be factors to consider, especially for those not comfortable with technology or those who value the traditional lock and key system.
In the worst-case scenarios, such as power outages, internet disruptions, or lost smartphones, smart locks may pose challenges. Yet, many models come with physical keys as a backup, emphasizing the importance of keeping them readily accessible.

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