These four gadgets help to bring your car into the modern era. Whether you’d like to connect your car to the internet, get more data about your car’s diagnostics or get some apps for your vehicle, there is a device for you. There is a product called Automatic which gives you data about your car. Automatic is a small car adapter that you plug into the on-board diagnostics port of your car and receives data about your vehicle. The device – pairs with your phone via Bluetooth – diagnoses engine problems, remembers where you parked, displays your trip history, and can even call for help in the case of an accident.


Vinli is a product which turns your car into a WiFi hot-spot Vinli plugs into the port located under your dash and will link to your smartphone and allow you access your apps that use information about your car. There is another perk: Vinli enables in-car WiFi via T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. You pay for the data, which starts at under $10 a month for 500MB. The cost is very reasonable considering it is a way to connect to all of your devices while using your vehicle.

Also, the device allows you to track your car remotely and enables you to geo-fence areas which allow’s you know when your vehicle has been driven outside a set parameter.  Apps in the Vinci app store range from those used to track performance to integration with your smart home. For example, the Samsung SmartThings app can be used to control and automate compatible devices so that they automatically set when you are leaving or arriving home.


Zubie Key will track valuable information about your car. The Zubie Key is a plug-in gadgets device will link your car to the internet. It has built-in GPS, connection to the cloud and sensors which track your car’s health and activity. The device is constantly connected to the Zubie Cloud. It analyzes your car data and tracks your travel so it can share alerts. It will also track your driving behaviors and give you safety tips.

For example, if you have a habit to braking hard, the device will alert you to help change your driving patterns. It can send alerts to parents if their son/daughter is speeding. You can connect your Zubie to the Amazon Echo. You can ask Echo “how much fuel does my car have?” The Zubie Key gives users access to Zubie Perks, which are exclusive discounts.  The device is sold fir an annual service at $99.95 per year. You get the Zubie Key, one year of always-on cellular connection and access to Zubie Perks. The subscription will auto-renew for the same price each year.


Pearl’s RearVision system transforms your smartphone into a backup camera. The RearVision gadgets system consists of three components: the license- plate frame with two high-definition cameras, an adapter that plugs into your OBD port, and a magnetic mount for your smartphone that sticks to your dashboard.

Once the adapter is plugged into the car, it enables the camera’s to stream to the driver’s smartphone. It also analyzes the video stream for obstacles and will warn the driver if it senses a possible collision. Pearl, which was founded by ex-Apple engineers, is currently accepting pre-orders and expects to begin delivery September. You can purchase the RearVision system for $499 on Pearl’s website. Mobileye 560 lets your car see like a smart car to help you avoid collisions.


Mobileye’s product gives drivers real-time updates that will help prevent accidents. The Mobileye consists of a smart camera that is installed on the front of the windshield, an audio alert buzzer, and a display so the driver can see the warnings.

Mobileye’s smart camera has a computer in it that is capable
of measuring the distance between vehicles, reading the speed limit, and detecting when pedestrians are nearby. This technology lets the car tell the driver when it senses a dangerous situation.

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